Hairstyles That Take Effort

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It takes a moment to get your natural hair to turn into a curly oasis, but it can happen when you have taken time to braid your hair and use the right types of gels to get a curly flow that is light and fluffy. It is all about twisting the hair overnight. This is where a lot of women start the maintenance process for getting a curly look for the next day.

hair stylesWith this curly style women have learned that it is all about the maintenance in the early stages. It has to grow into this style if a woman may have had a shortcut prior to this. There are going to be times where it will be all about putting your old style to rest and looking for a way to grow your natural hair in the meantime while you wait. You may not have enough to get the curly style that you desire at the moment, but you can still grow and braid the hair as you wait for this hair to grow. Most women that are waiting on this will braid their hair and add extensions while they are waiting on their hair to grow. The braids tend to be easier to maintain once these extensions are put in, but it may require you to have braids for a long time. If you are waiting for your hair to grow it may take months before you are able to take the braids out to get started on the curly natural hair look.

man hair styleFor men that are part of the trendy haircut community there are fades that come in a variety of styles. Some men may get a pompadour from a men’s haircut professional where they have a low fade that is accentuated with a part on the side. Others may choose a messy hair on top along with a low fade to give themselves a different look. There are also low fringe looks that accommodate high fades as well. It is all about keeping up this type of style once you have decided to acquire one of these cuts.

For men this may seem like they are taking on two completely different hairstyles because the top of their head and the side of their head require different maintenance

They may need styling gel for the pompadour on top while they may need to go to a barber to cut the hair regularly on the side to keep the low fade looking fresh. This is something that can also be taxing if you do not know how to cut or style your hair yourself. There are many variations to the low fade, but it tends to depend on the personality of the person.

Some men and women are interested in the Mohawk with the low fade. This may be accentuated with a part on the side. It is a rather flamboyant look, and it is something that turns heads so this is why many choose this style. There are taper fades and low skin fades that blend well with wavy or curly hair on top. Some men even prefer a simple low fringe or a bald fade with a curly hair look.

For a lot of men that are getting into haircut trends it is all about how the beard compliments the hairstyle. A lot of men that have beards will get a hairstyle that is going to accentuate this beard. This is the part that makes the hairstyle change your look. Grooming a beard along with a low fade is something that requires a lot of repetition. When you initially get the low fade it is going to look fresh just like a neatly shaved beard. In the course of a week or so you may find yourself getting all of this touched right back up all over again. A lot of men like this grooming process because it keeps their facial hair and the hair on top of their head looking neat. It gives them a sense of grooming that makes a stop to the local barber shop on the weekend a fun-filled experience. They look forward to this transformative grooming process.